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Do you want to replace your old bathroom vanity? If you wish to revamp your master en suite or small powder room, a brand new Bathroom Vanity Stockton provides a significant impact as it gives style and function. This bathroom feature acts as a multi-purpose centerpiece, offering the right balance of looks and function.

Bathroom Vanity Stockton
Bathroom Vanity Stockton
Bathroom Vanity Stockton

What you need to consider when selecting a new bathroom vanity:

Space and Layout
There are several important factors to think about when deciding on a vanity size. The available space and existing bathroom layout will matter when determining the right vanity size that will suit the room. Here are some of the things to consider when measuring for a new vanity:

    • Plumbing location:Repositioning the plumbing system makes a bathroom remodel more difficult and costlier. Opt to stick to the size of your current vanity and present location.

    • Traffic flow: Allow plenty of room for foot traffic and enough space for opening and closing doors.

    • Existing fixtures: Keep in mind the current features, such as Mirrored Bathroom Stockton, electrical switches, and outlets when choosing a bathroom vanity. Moving these items can be costly and time-consuming.

    Bathroom Vanity Stockton offers them in different sizes. And size is considered the most important determining factor when choosing a new vanity. It would help if you inspected the vanity's whole dimension, from width and height to depth.

    • Height: The standard height used to be 30 to 32 inches, but because of the changing time and needs, taller vanities, measuring about 36 inches in height, have become popular. If you have kids using the bathroom vanity, the 32-inch height is the better option.

    • Width: Bathroom vanity widths range from 24 up to 72 inches. The standard width range for single sink cabinets is between 30 and 48 inches. On the other hand, for double vanities, the average is around 60 to 72 inches. Take also into consideration if you need a bathroom vanity with sink or double sinks.

    • Depth:The standard depth of bathroom vanity is 21 inches, but most vanities now come around 17 to 24 inches deep. If you have a small bathroom space, go with a vanity that measures less than 18 inches deep to give more room for opening doors and drawers.

    • Single Vanities or Double Vanities
      Deciding on whether you will have a single or double vanity relies on the available space you have. Large single bathroom vanity with sink and cabinet has more storage space than a double-sink vanity. However, if you have more than one user, an extra sink can help save. Double sink bathroom vanities will work best if you have extra space and when multiple users will share it. On the other hand, bathroom vanity with sink will suit powder rooms or small bathrooms.

      Types & Designs

      • Floating Vanities:These vanities which are also called wall-mount bathroom vanities, are mounted directly to the wall as they sit off the floor. These floating designs have become more popular for homeowners in the Stockton area thanks to their modern style. They are also favored in a small bathroom because of the clean lines and open floor space underneath they provide, making the room look and feel large.

      • Freestanding Vanities: These bathroom vanities are considered to be the most common type. They have either legs or a kick plate base as they sit directly on the floor. Bathroom Vanity Stockton freestanding designs come in various styles, from a modern look to a traditional one.

      • Corner Vanities:  These vanities are out of the way since they are placed in a corner. They still manage to provide some storage space in the bathroom while taking only minimal floor space. They are also considered the ideal bathroom vanity with a sink for smaller spaces.

      • Bathroom Vanity Stockton has all the types and styles of bathroom vanity you need to achieve an ideal bathroom. Visit us today to see our fantastic collection.

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