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When remodeling your bathroom, do include the flooring. Choose the floor that is durable, easy to clean, safe, and elegant. And do not forget to consider its functionality and if it can hold up to the usage it will get. Floors add a dramatic effect on your bathroom, so you should carefully select what you think you will love for years to come. Bathroom Flooring Stockton can help you choose the perfect floor that will fit with your home's value and style and will work within your budget.

Bathroom Flooring Stockton



The bathroom is the house's wettest room, so the flooring you choose should keep water from leaking into the substrate. Opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles for bathrooms since these are meant for wet areas. Avoid wood as there will be too much moisture. If you want the wood's warmth and classic style but do not want the trouble, try flooring made of planks, such as ceramic tile or wood grain porcelain. The latter two choices give the same texture and look like the wood. Luxury vinyl tile is a good option because it is made of 100% vinyl, which means water infiltration or water damage will never be a problem. Bathroom Flooring Stockton guarantees to install your floor appropriately because our experts know that when someone does it inaccurately, water might seep below, causing mold or rot issues. 


If you intend to replace your flooring and your budget is limited, porcelain is the best option. You do not have to seal or polish it. Not only can it blend well with any look, but it is also durable enough to withstand everyday use for years. Another affordable option is sheet vinyl. This budget-friendly flooring type can endure water and traffic.


When choosing bathroom flooring, consider you and your family's lifestyle. Do you want to spend your time cleaning? You might have a durable bathroom floor tile, but smaller ones with more grouts mean you need more time to clean it. If you are looking for easy to maintain flooring, go with sheet vinyl or any flooring with no grout line. We will give you guidance on how to clean any flooring type you choose correctly. If you have small children or the elderly who will use the bathroom and you are worried about the tendency of them slipping, avoid marble, or anything with a slick and smooth surface. A textured tile with a superior finish is your best solution for slip-proof tiles for bathrooms.

Top Bathroom Flooring Stockton Options

Concrete: These days, concrete flooring is not like the flooring you have in your driveway. This flooring type is a popular option because, aside from the fact that it is durable and can be sealed against water, it now comes in a wide variety of tints and colors. 

Sheet Vinyl: For a heavily utilized bathroom, sheet vinyl is perhaps the best bathroom flooring option. When you opt for this one, not only will you get all the durability of vinyl flooring, but you will also not need to worry about seam issues. 

Ceramic or stone tiles: These bathroom floor tiles are a fantastic choice for showers, bathtubs, and even pools. Aside from being durable and water-resistant, they also look great. Grout helps seal the seams from moisture. Some tiles and grout are also made to repel water. 

Vinyl tile: These tiles for bathrooms are made from waterproof plastic, making it an excellent choice. It is easy to install but sealing them against the moisture is impossible because of the tiles' seams.

Engineered wood: This type of Bathroom Flooring Stockton can resist more water than laminate because its base is made of stronger plywood. However, avoid installing engineered wood in a frequently used bathroom, but it is a good choice for a guest powder or half-bath.

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